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Mediterranean Coral Capri


For your Beading pleasure we present the MEDITERRANEAN CORAL CAPRI Necklace as featured on page 48 of Creative Beading Magazine Issue 5-6.

This colourful trendy Necklace is part of the New Mediterranean Collection which makes great use of a wonderful combination of Sponge Coral, Czech glass, and Coloured Agate beads.

The colour combination evokes thoughts of the Greek Isles, and lazy summer days on the beach. Also available are the Mediterranean Coral Capri Bracelet and Mediterranean Coral Capri Earring kits for you to create a complete set.

The kit is available in the KITS section of our website. The kit comes with FULLY DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to create this magnificent Necklace. The kit does not include the tools required to make this piece.

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