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Gold Metallic Glass Leaves

Gold Metallic Glass Leaves

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Gold Metallic Glass Leaves

One packet of Metallic coated Glass Leaves

  • Colour: Gold Metallic
  • Quantity: 35 leaves per strand.
  • Strand Length: 35cm
  • Size: length 18mm, width 13mm
  • Hole: Top drilled
  • Markings: Leaf veins have been carved on one side. The reverse side is smooth

Each strand comes with a sizeable quantity of matching bugle seed beads as a bonus. This bead features a much shinier finish than is depicted in the photograph but due to the reflection is hard to photograph. Please contact us if you have any questions.

TIP: To get leaf beads to sit correctly on headpins or eyepins, thread the headpin or eyepin from front to back, bend at right angle at the back, form a wrapped loop so that loop sits on top of the leaf and at a right angle to the leaf.

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