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ICE Resin 8oz Bulk Kit - Susan Lenart Kazmer

ICE Resin 8oz Bulk Kit - Susan Lenart Kazmer

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ICE Resin 8oz Bulk Kit - Susan Lenart Kazmer

One (1) 8oz (236.5ml) ICE Resin® Bulk Kit

Kit contains

  • 1 x 4oz Part A - Part A is the Resin. It has a slightly blue tint.
  • 1 x 4oz Part B - Part B is the hardener. It has a very slight yellow tint.
  • 12 x Mixing Cups with Measurements
  • 12 x Mixing Sticks
  • Printed Tips and Instructions
  • ICE Resin is a 2-part epoxy resin.
  • Part A and Part B must be poured with a one-to-one ratio and mixed gently but thoroughly for ICE Resin to dry and cure properly.

Features of ICE Resin®  include but are not limited to the following

  • Jeweler’s Grade – your creativity will last a lifetime.
  • Crystal Clear –the beautiful, glass-like finish is more transparent. Properly cared for, your jewelry will not fade or become brittle.
  • Naturally Doming—like water bubbles on a freshly waxed car, ICE Resin has surface tension, and this tension allows the user to fill a bezel and make a dome.
  • Self-Leveling—because of its surface tension, ICE Resin levels itself in a project.
  • Self-Healing—the user can sand an area of ICE Resin out of a project, mix a new batch of ICE Resin and paint the resin on or pour the resin into the area and viola! Just like the cat hair, stray piece of glitter, et cetera never happened.
  • Cold Cure –because ICE Resin® was formulated with an 8 to 12 hour drying time and 3 day cure time, the user can color the resin with organics an/or place organic matter in their arts and crafts projects.
  • You may wear your jewelry as soon as ICE Resin® is dry to the touch.
  • NON Toxic when cured properly

ICE Resin® can be used to create

  • Jewelry, Mixed Media, and Collage work
  • Paper: Paint a thin coat of ICE Resin® on tissue or other thin paper and it will remain pliable and become translucent.
  • It can be used as glue or use it to create Iced Enamels™
  • Drill it, sand it, sgraffito it
  • Use it over polymer clay
  • Color it with a tiny dab of acrylic paint or with dry spices
  • Place organics in it (plants, butterfly wings, etc. must be dry). Inclusions can include: Paper, metal, charms, beads, botanicals, gears, sand, fabric, feathers; embed almost anything in ICE Resin®.
  • Cast and mold, Paint on it, Stamp on it, Create layers

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